P.O. Box 45, Neosho, Missouri 64850


… meet basic needs of pre-school and elementary aged children. Assistance may include clothing and other apparel, classroom supplies, and meal subsidies.

… assist terminally ill patients and their families. Assistance may include financial assistance, treatment protocol research, identifying and/or coordinating other support services, and grief support.

… develop, produce, and deliver resources to educate and prepare people to support and minister to those who experience a significant loss in their lives.

Angel Eyes Charitable Foundation, Inc. strives to identify needs compatible with its vision within its community, by developing and nurturing partnerships with local school officials, health and social services agencies, churches, and other groups with similar goals.

To the greatest extent possible, services and support provided by the Foundation are delivered by the members of our Board of Directors, and people in our own community. We feel that our mission field is just outside our own homes.

Angel Eyes Foundation seeks to be active in our hometown by doing our best to care for those with whom we live and work. Angel Eyes Foundation will grow to be a vital part of the community, because we are people who care about people, and are willing to step out in faith to help others.

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